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  • What are the initial documents to be submitted to process a file?
    • Counter(s) if applicable
    • Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • VA/FHA Addendum (if applicable)
    • Disclosures: Confirmation of Agency,  Exemption or Property Condition Disclosure, Impact Fee if New Construction, Lead Base Paint and Septic if needed. Disclaimer, Wire Fraud, Covid Addendum.
    • Prequalification Letter
    • Additionally I will need the Buyer’s Representation Agreement and Compensation Agreement
  • Do you work nights and weekends?

    Yes we are available until 7pm every week night and 10-6 on Saturday. Sunday we will not process any paperwork. All transactions submitted after 7pm during weekdays will be processed the following morning, Anything submitted between 10-6 on Saturday will be processed within 24 hours. Anything after 6pm on Saturday through Sunday will be processed on Monday.

  • How do I pay you and when do I pay you?

    The fee for Platinum Transaction Services will be deducted from your commission at the time of closing through Century 21.

  • What if I want to do only some items and you handle the others?

    Prior to you submitting a transaction to process to Platinum Transaction Services, please contact us so we can sit down and discuss what you are looking for and see if we can tailor our services to fit your needs.

  • If I am not happy with how your company, can I terminate in the middle of the contract?

    We of course do not want you to feel obligated if you are unsatisfied and yes you may terminate your agreement with us, however if the transaction is more than half way done you will be responsible for half the fee of the package.